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Hack the Commute is an in-person event and competition ("Competition") organized by the City of Seattle and Commute Seattle.

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Notes for Closing Remarks
Candace F 10:00 am - transforming data into information - how can we do that through technology like OpenPerformance as well as community projects like HereNow? Open Data 3.0 
Tableau Public - showcasing the tech, use by Zillow, bloggers, other, showcasing how it works, live brainstorming, 
Future of Code for Seattle - opening to non-coders, easier ways to organize
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  • Dana Trethewy, City of Seattle Department of Transportation
Candace F Dana manages data.
968 days ago
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Jeff H Wayfinding Resources
For those interested, I've uploaded the introductory presentation I gave on Signage and Wayfinding during Friday's breakout sessions. At the end of the presentation are a few resources for further exploration.  
(Etienne Marey's 1880 diagram of train schedules between Paris and Lyon)
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Kate H I came across this page while in Hackpad for Hack the Commute (Candace Faber): Not sure if it's appropriate for me to post this here, but I thought I'd add two more user-friendly scrapers that I'm aware of: https://import.io/ & https://www.kimonolabs.com/
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