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Joneil Custodio

926 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joneil Custodio , Candace Faber 926 days ago
  • Panelists: Sarah Schacht, Tim Clemans, Jed Sundwall, Sabrina Roach 
Joneil C
  • Can we include new SPD CIO, Greg Russell 
Where do we go from here?: How do we incentivize and sustain civic programming?
  • Panelists: James Rooney, Chris Metcalf, CityClub (ask Diane), Crosscut
  • How about including a Philanthropic/VC lens to this topic by including someone from Social Venture Partners, Gates Foundation, or CoFounders.org 
  • Should we include a State or Federal representative that has access to Federal Innovation funds?
The ivory tower: Bridging the city-community-university divide
  • Panelists: 
  • Alan Borning  - can't attend
  • Mako - emailed
  • Seattle University, Kent Koth or Sue Oliver (Joneil can make introductions if needed)
  • UPS,
  • Ryan Calo
Candace F
  • Hackcessible
  • Bill Howe
Joneil C
  • Chris Devore, CoFounders and UW Campus Community (Joneil can make introductions if needed)
Seth Vincent: Learn civic hacking basics, e.g. Nodeschool, Mako's data workshop, Socrata API, Girls Who Code
Joneil Sampana: How can we help provide easier access to Citizen Services for all Seattle residents, which will encourage increased civic participation?
Joneil Sampana, City of Seattle - Citizen Technology Advisory Board 

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