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Josh M All Things Presentations
  • Presentation Order
Hack F
  1. Meter Quest
  1. Team Dokoji
ash b
  1. Slügg
Hack F
  1. Carpool Casual
  1. Vision Zero StreetScore
  1. Ferry Time
  1. Hackcessible
  1. Kiosketeers
  1. Squeaky Wheels
  1. Geohackers for Good
  1. Pronto Bike Routes
  1. Squeaky Citizens
  1. OneBusAwaze 
Josh M
  • Submission Guidlines
Chris M In order to be eligible for judging, teams must submit their projects at or before 1PM on Sunday, meeting the following requirements:
  • All code and associated resources must be posted into a publicly-accessible Github repository. A template has been provided that you can model your repository after.
  • The name and  description of your application
  • A screenshot or screencast of your application
  • Details on which challenge you chose
  • Links to the Github or social media profiles of your team members
  • Details on what datasets and/or APIs you made use of
  • Your code must be open-sourced. An example LICENSE file has been included in the template repo that you can use.
All submissions must be received by 5PM on Sunday to be eligible for judging.
Between 5PM and 6PM, you have time to polish your presentation. Each team designate a presentation leader. Your presentation leader should bring the laptop you intend to present from to the presentation stage during that time to confirm you can connect to the projector. If you don't test your laptop, and you have problems presenting, we may ask you to present at the end.
Teams will present in the order submissions are received, but we may reorder teams if necessary.
At 6PM, presentations will begin. Each team will have no more than five (5) minutes to present. If you go over, we will cut you off.
Hack F
  • Judges & Judging Criteria 
Josh M Judges
  • Aditya Agrawal
  • Dr. Kathryn Neal
  • Michael Mattmiller

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